7 Reasons Why Dental Implants Might Be Suitable For You

One thing that cannot be argued with respect to options for those who have dental or oral health issues is that there is a lack of them. The choice may vary in number and variety from dental practice to dental practice but when you consider that dentures, bridges, veneers, crowns, bonding, fillings, and dental implants are but just a few of the many solutions for patients, then the biggest problem might not be toothache, but a potential headache trying to make a choice.

One choice amongst the ones we listed there that is becoming more and more popular is dental implants. They might be at the top of the pile in terms of what they cost, but they provide a long list of benefits for those who have them fitted. Unfortunately not everyone is suitable for dental implants, so if you are wondering if they are the right option for you, here are some of the reasons why they should be.

You Have One Or More Teeth Missing

This is the first and most obvious reason why dental implants might be the answer for you. We should also include if you have damaged teeth that are scheduled to be extracted due to being beyond repair. Whatever the reason for your missing teeth, dental implants provide a secure, and durable replacement that will remain in pace for many years.

Dentures Are Not Suitable For You

For a start, dentures are more suitable when multiple teeth need to be replaced, so if you have just a single tooth missing, dentures are not the answer. Another reason why you might not be a candidate for dentures include you have a very sensitive gag reflex which would be exacerbated with a set of dentures in your mouth. In addition, certain conditions relating to your jawbone, such as flat ridges can mean dentures will not sit securely.

You Refuse To Wear Dentures/Bridges/Crowns

Even if there is nothing medically that would prevent you from wearing dentures, if the thought of having them in your mouth, or if the daily routine of removing them and replacing several times puts you off, then it may well be that they are not the answer. You might also have reasons why bridges or crowns are not for you, and thus dental implants become your best option.

You Have No Medical Conditions Which Would Prevent Using Them

Some medical conditions make the fitting of dental implants more risky such as a weak immune system or diabetes which both slow the healing process. As with anything relating to your body and your health, you should seek medical advice first if you are considering dental implants.

Your Condition Is Causing Speech Issues

Having teeth missing is not natural, and it can cause some unwelcome side effects with regards to how we speak. In particular our tongue tends to move and potion itself in ways which alter how we speak. Other solutions to missing teeth like dentures and bridges can alter our speech too. Dental implants cause none of these issues and can return our speech to normal once fitted.

Your Jawbone And Gums Are Healthy

Even if you have no other medical conditions which would cause concern, ailments within your mouth such as bones which are prone to not healing, weak bone structure within your jaw, and gum disease can all be barriers to dental impacts

You Accept The Process Can Take Several Months

We have mentioned your medical and physical suitability for dental impacts, but your mental attitude also need is to be right too. In particular you need to accept that dental implants is not a single visit treatment. In fact, it will take several visits over a period of months and once your dental implants are fitted, you will be in some discomfort for several days whilst your gums heal. Beyond that there could be several months of follow up appointment and check-ups.