How Will SEO Benefit My Psychology Business

How Will SEO Benefit My Psychology Business

Whilst you may have a website for your psychology business that ticks all the boxes in terms of appearance, functionality, and conversion, unless prospects can find your website, the amount your business benefits from it is limited. This is why SEO is essential because research from the SEO experts at has shown, SEO not only boosts website rankings on Google, but it can also bring other benefits to a business.

Let us start with the most obvious way in which SEO can help your psychology business and that is improved search engine rankings. In a world where the internet plays an ever-increasing role, it is a fact that the majority of your potential clients are online. There they search for products and services, and if they are looking for a psychologist, Google is most likely going to be the first place they start their research.

They will probably search for ‘psychologist’, and that search is also likely to have the local area in which they live. This is due to the fact that most people are looking for a local solution, especially for service like psychology. With SEO, the chances of your website appearing on the first page, and better still, in one of the top three positions, makes a huge difference as to how much traffic your website will receive.

One example of this is that of all the traffic generated by any single search on Google, the websites that appear in the top 3 positions will share around 55% of it. Conversely, if your website is ranked on page 2 or lower, then the traffic it will receive is negligible. This is why it is so important that you use SEO or employ an SEO agency to boost your website’s rankings up and into the top 3 positions for the keywords you wish to target.

It follows that by having increased levels of traffic coming to your website as a result of its higher rankings, that the number of prospects your psychology business has, will increase. These might not all turn into paying clients immediately, but the fact they are now aware of you means the likelihood of them becoming one in the future is greater. With more prospects, you then have more clients, and this obviously means more revenue for your psychology business.

With your website now ranking higher, it will also help your branding and the recognition of your psychology business in the local area. Google has a large focus on local businesses, and this has advantages for those websites that are ranked highest. For example, you will appear in the map which Google often generates for local searches, and thus those searching will be able to see your location indicated.

Google also rewards the top-ranked local websites by displaying other information such as their address, telephone number, and opening hours. This makes it far more likely that the person searching will simply call one of those first few psychology businesses, rather than carry on searching. If SEO has helped your website reach those top spots then obviously it is you will receive a large proportion of those inquiries.

One other important point about SEO making your websites one of the top results on Google and that is Google’s results also show review ratings for these businesses in the form of scores out of 5 stars. Again this provides you with a great opportunity to gain lots of additional clients simply by offering the best possible service and encouraging your satisfied clients to leave a review.