Why is Kale the new IT girl?

Over the last two years kale has become increasingly popular, more readily available & added into every recipe from smoothies to soups, but what really makes it more special that any other green vegetable? Should we all jump on the kale bandwagon?

Increasing research into in the nutritional composition of kale has found that it is a high protein, high fibre & low carbohydrate vegetable. It is mineral dense with high levels of calcium, iron, zinc & magnesium.

Raw kale also contains more than the recommended daily intake of Vitamin A, Vitamin C & Vitamin K.

As part of the cabbage family, kale has high antioxidant activity & due to its rich nutrient value it has excellent health prospects for the treatment of various diseases. Studies of kale show it can help to reduce cholesterol levels, regulate blood sugar level, & aid in the digestive process.

But what about our other neglected greens? Embrace them all! Other dark or leafy green vegetables are also low in carbohydrates, high in fibre, & rich in vitamins & minerals. The key is to mix it up! Eat a variety of greens in all shapes, sizes & colours.

The tip is to keep it raw, avoid over cooking or boiling your kale & leafy greens as it decreases their antioxidants & nutrient values. So go ahead, embrace the kale by making greens a part of your daily meals!