To Tuck Or Not To Tuck - The Jeans Dilemma For Cowboy Boots Wearers

To Tuck Or Not To Tuck – The Jeans Dilemma For Cowboy Boots Wearers

When you are wearing pair of cowboy boots and jeans at the same time, you have an extremely important decision to make. It is a dilemma that has troubled cowboy boots wearers for years and still does so to this day. The dilemma we are talking about is whether you should have your jeans tucked inside your cowboy boots or have them outside.

To anyone who has never worn cowboy boots, that might seem like an extremely trivial matter. After all, what difference does it make whether jeans are inside or outside cowboy boots? Those nay-sayers might mock, but as all true cowboy boots wearers know, whenever you are wearing a pair of jeans, it is a decision that must not be taken lightly.

It could be argued that the choice of tucking jeans inside or not is a personal one. Whichever way pleases you the most and makes you feel great, then you should go for it and tell the fashion police to take a run and jump. However, there are also those who with no strong feelings either way but still want to wear jeans most appropriately with cowboy boots fashion-wise or for practical purposes. As such, here are some pointers as to how to make that decision.

The Arguments For Tucking In Jeans When Wearing Cowboy Boots

The case for tucking in jeans is a strong one, especially in certain circumstances. From a fashion standpoint, it is the case that women have a far greater preference to tuck in jeans than men, who primarily tuck jeans into their cowboy boots for practical rather than style purposes.

Practical reasons for tucking in jeans include the desire to keep the bottom of jeans clean and to prevent them from being frayed at the very bottom. When cowboy boots are being worn outdoors in scenarios where branches, thorns as and other sharp and abrasive items could catch and snag jeans, this is another scenario when tucking jeans in to protect them makes sense.

From a style and fashion perspective, tucking in jeans is certainly the way to go if you want people to see the stunning design, patterns, and stitching that your cowboy boots have. That cannot happen if the legs of your jeans are outside your cowboy boots and hiding them from view.

The Arguments For Not Tucking In Jeans When Wearing Cowboy Boots

For many people wearing jeans outside, their cowboy boots are the default position, and many cowboy boots wearers will have their jeans outside regardless of the situation or location. This is especially the case for men, who will predominantly wear jeans outside cowboy boots in a far higher proportion than women.

Whereas many people will tuck jeans inside their boots to protect their jeans from damage, the Converse is true for those who want to protect their cowboy boots as they regard them as more valuable than a pair of jeans. If you wish to protect your cowboy boots from scratches, then wear your jeans outside when walking or working in areas where the aforementioned thorns etc., might be.

As for how wearing jeans outside is any kind of fashion statement, the argument is that this provides a cleaner and more natural look than having them tucked inside. That might be in the eye of the beholder, but just as trousers are likely to be worn outside other boots, then jeans worn outside cowboy boots look as natural as can be.