Tag: Celebrities Who Get Botox

If you have ever been on the fence about getting Botox injections, thinking you’d be one of the “few” who does, then think again. Botox has long been a popular way in which to drink from the fountain of youth, smoothing out those fine lines and wrinkles and boost your self-esteem. The general population has already jumped onboard the FDA-approved bandwagon, but what about celebrities?

Celebrities need to maintain a particular image – one that makes them look as young as they always did, no matter how much time has passed. Botox injections can help them achieve this look – but were you aware of who swears by their use? Check out these celebrities below.

Robin Wright

Known for her roles in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Everest, and Blade Runner 2049, Robin Wright is one of the few celebrities who has opened up about her Botox use. Robin receives Botox injections twice a year, preferring to get one unit as opposed to around the average number of 10. Robin says her Botox injections are just to “take the edge off”.

Jenny McCarthy

Jenny McCarthy’s career as a celebrity began in 1993 when she first posed as a nude model for Playboy Magazine. She then hosted a game show on MTV before appearing in movies such as Scream 3, Santa Baby, and Diamonds. She is more well known, however, for her role as an activist, believing vaccinations cause autism.