Contour Perfectly

How to Contour Perfectly

Finding beauty tips for contouring that are easy to understand is challenging. As there are so many different tutorials online for different face shapes, it can be difficult to know whether someone’s advice is going to suit your particular needs. However, if you follow these beauty tips below, you can rest assured the final result once you’ve finished contouring is something of which you can be proud.

Here’s how to contour for the best results.

What You Need:

If you’re staring aimlessly at the many different foundation options in a department store, it’s obvious you need some help. The first step to achieving the perfect contour is by making sure you have three different types of foundation:

  • 1x your skin tone
  • 1x two shades lighter
  • 1x two shades darker

If you’re not sure what shades you require, ask a store assistant for help. They are bound to know their products well enough to help you select the best ones. You will also need translucent powder and a brush or beauty blender, but you may find you prefer using clean fingers.

Step 1: Begin Outlines

The first of the four essential beauty tips for achieving the perfect contour is beginning your outlines. This step is following on from the initial layer you applied of your base foundation. You will need to use the darker foundation and trace lines down where your cheekbone begins to hollow out, along your temples, your nose ridges, and chin line. In essence, any defining part of your face can benefit from the contour effect.

Step 2: The Blending Process

Use your brush, blender, or clean fingers, to gently blend your outlines into your base foundation. If you use a beauty blender, you will have much more success because you can blend in larger circular motions.

Step 3: Use Light Foundation

As you only applied dark foundation in step one, you will now need to use the light foundation. You can place this under your eyes, in the centre of your forehead, and on your chin as well. However, you may find that only applying it under your eyes is perfectly suitable for the look you’re trying to achieve. Use your beauty blender to blend this in with your base layer and the darker layer.

Step 4: Dusting

This is one of the most crucial beauty tips: tying the entire look together. Get a brush and dust your face with translucent powder. By doing so, you’re able to “lock in” the foundation, keeping it in place.

Makeup application is not a process everyone naturally knows how to do. It can take a lot of research, talking to experts, and watching online tutorials. These beauty tips for achieving that contoured look may help you to feel more confident in yourself and your ability to apply makeup effectively.