Stop Dry Skin

How to Stop Dry Skin in Its Tracks

Not everyone is blessed with luscious and radiant skin that never dries out regardless of the season. However, by following our beauty tips below, you can fight back against dry skin – at any time of the year.

Use Moisturiser After Showering and Washing

Water, especially hot water, dries out your skin more than you think. To stop washing and showering from becoming a significant problem, make sure you always have plenty of moisturiser on hand. It seems like a given, but you’d be surprised how many people forgo regular moisturising, choosing only to use it when their skin is dry. Prevention is key. Apply moisturiser after you dry yourself after a shower, and even after you wash your hands.

Be Selective with Products

Some products you use on your skin tend to dry it out more than others. If you are looking for a product specifically for rehydrating your skin, select a cream rather than a lotion. Lotions, in general, can irritate your skin more than hydrating it. One of the most common beauty tips for stopping dry skin is to opt for products with either shea butter, olive oil, or jojoba oil in the ingredient list. However, if it features mineral oil or glycerin, these can help to relieve dry skin as well.

Protect Your Hands

You only usually know how much you use your hands until you go to use them with dry skin. The stinging, cracking and general discomfort you experience from dry skin can make every mundane task an excruciating one. Unfortunately, your hands are typically the first part of your body to fall victim to dehydration.

To protect them, wear gloves as often as possible. If you’re heading outdoors in winter, pop on a pair of winter gloves. Or, if you’re doing the dishes, gardening, handling chemicals or doing household chores, protect your hands as much as possible with task-specific hand coverings.

Humidify the Air

Everyday house heating systems, while convenient, can be damaging to your skin. Even the average fireplace can cause problems. Therefore, if you find your skin is drier than usual when you’re utilizing home heating, consider a humidifier. Some household appliances already offer this feature. However, if yours doesn’t, you can invest in a humidifier which adds moisture to the air, thus adding moisture to your skin.

Look at Your Diet

If you continually suffer from dry skin, regardless of the changes you make to your environment, then it might be time to look at your diet. Unbelievably, alcohol, salt, sugar, food high in Vitamin A and refined carbs can all contribute to your dry skin problem. Salt, in particular, draws out the moisture in your skin. You can counteract it by drinking more water, or you can cut back on these specific ingredients.

There are many beauty tips out there designed to help you combat dry skin. Sometimes, it’s merely a case of making a few small changes, and your skin looks entirely transformed. Try any of these tips above and notice the difference. If dry skin persists, however, contact your local dermatologist or skin specialist for advice.