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If you are struggling to purchase the perfect gift for a loved one, then it might be time to visit a few jewellers around town. When chocolate, flowers, and perfume don’t meet the mark, jewellery does.

What’s more, you’re sure to find that nothing brings a smile to your loved one’s face faster than opening a box and finding sparkling jewellery staring back at them. However, why do rings, necklaces, and bracelets make such great gifts? Find out below.

It Lasts a Long Time

When you buy flowers, they die. When you buy chocolates, you eat them. When you buy perfume, you smell beautiful, but then you use it all up. However, when you visit jewellers and purchase stunning jewellery, it lasts a lifetime. The long-lasting effect of jewellery is probably why it makes such a great gift, and why the Australian jewellery industry is worth 4.1 billion dollars. Everyone sees the value in spending a little more but giving a gift the receiver can own forever.

It Shows You Care

Whether you’re treating someone to a birthday gift, something for Valentine’s Day, or Christmas, nothing shows you care with more success than jewellery. Anything else can seem like you’ve passed a petrol station on the way home and only remembered to pick up something at the last minute.

However, if you stop by a jeweller’s and take the time to pick out something unique and special, it shows you care far more than flowers, chocolate, or perfume ever will.