Bridesmaids Choosing Their Own Jewellery? Here’s What You Need to Do

Before you even begin to look at bridesmaids gifts, it’s crucial to nail those final details of your bridesmaid outfits first. Even if you’ve already measured all the bridesmaids, ordered their bridesmaid robes, and ensured everyone was happy, did you put in any thought to the type of accessories they can wear or will be wearing at your wedding reception?

If you’ve decided that bridesmaids can choose their own accessories, here are a few things to consider discussing with the girls.


When you first chose the dresses for your bridesmaids, around the same time you looked for bridesmaids gifts, you would have had a particular style and theme in mind. And, this theme would need to tie in with the overall look and feel of the wedding. Before you let your bridesmaids go and choose the accessories they like, make sure they are aware of your style preferences. The last thing you want is for them to go and pick out large dreamcatcher earrings for a contemporary wedding.


Believe it or not, the size of the accompanying accessories can make a difference to the entire look of your bridesmaids. After you’ve selected the dresses, and even before you’ve organised bridesmaids gifts, it’s a good idea to give your bridesmaids a run-through of the acceptable sizing. It’s even better if you can offer them a ratio.

While you want their own unique personality to show through, you also don’t want a necklace the size of a dessert plate to overshadow the entire appearance of the dress. To avoid any uncomfortable situations, lay down the ground rules sooner rather than later.


Some couples prefer to buy a selection of bridesmaids dresses and have a rainbow effect throughout their wedding party. Other couples, on the other hand, like every bridesmaid to wear the same colour and style of dress. In this instance, it’s a good idea to provide your lovely girls with a colour palette of acceptable accessory shades. For example, if they’re wearing a lavender dress, the last thing you want is vibrant orange accessories to accompany them.

If you’re worried about your bridesmaids’ accessories being a problem – especially in wedding photos – let them know the type of materials they can include. If you narrow it down to a few metals, you can rest assured their choices will be tame.

Are They in Sync?

For the wedding photos, and even appearing in front of a loving crowd, bridesmaids are going to look the part when they all stand the same. Therefore, it’s a good idea to do an extensive rehearsal before the wedding where your bridesmaids show all the jewellery and accessories they plan on wearing. It’s during this process you can remove any items that won’t work on your wedding day, ensuring all bridesmaids are in sync.

Many brides prefer to select jewellery for their bridesmaids to ensure everyone is matching, but others prefer to let bridesmaids choose for themselves. If you don’t mind your bridesmaids accessorising themselves within reason, remember to lay down these ground rules first.