How Your Addiction is Hurting Your Family

When you decide to make the courageous decision to book into a drug rehab facility, you will begin to learn a lot about who you are. Or, rather, who you were while you were consuming drugs or alcohol. Choosing to get clean is a big decision to make, and it unleashes some harsh realities about who you hurt and how you hurt them. Below you can find out how your addiction is, or was, affecting your family.

Broken Relationships

As a drug addict, you can often say or do anything if it means the result is getting your next fix. Therefore, you may find a number of your relationships with friends, families, and partners, are impacted or broken beyond ever fixing due to your problem. What many people struggle with is not being able to find the real you inside the drug-addicted version. Therefore, many people in your life often do decide that breaking all ties is the only way they can make it through.


When you enter drug rehab, you will find yourself going through a period of feeling isolated, but it’s nothing to what your family most likely suffered for many months. With a family member who’s a drug addict, many family members find themselves battling with whether they should let people know. Out of embarrassment, shame, or fear, they may decide the best way forward is to keep it bottled up.


Your family remembers who you were before you became an addict and entered drug rehab, but the person you may be now is one they fear. In many cases, drug and alcohol can create unpredictable and violent behaviour, causing your family and friends to fear the person you’ve become.


Many drug users will lie to get their next hit, which can cause significant strain on your family and friend’s trust for you. Often, some people don’t even like leaving out their handbag, wallet, or any financial information, just in case their addicted family member or friend tries to take it. While they know the real you is trustworthy, the addict within you is only thinking about that money being a means to access drugs.

Financial Problems

If you have a friend or family member who has supported you through life, trying to help you get clean in drug rehab, then you may find they have been enabling and supporting your behaviour up until a point. If they are giving you money, it becomes an endless battle – supporting an addiction that requires a never-ending supply of money. When you finally learn that drug rehab is the best step for you, the often-heartbreaking consequences are your family is left to try and build back up their financial security.

Your addiction is hurting more than yourself; it’s also hurting your family. If the time has come to repay your family for the hurt and heartache, then book into a drug rehab facility and begin making changes to your life.