Marine Tourism in Bali

Marine Tourism in Bali Continues to Grow

It seems the secret is out – marine tourism in Bali continues to grow and thrive, as more and more tourists seek out what Bali has to offer in the form of water sports. Diving, fishing, snorkeling, and numerous other water sports are very popular in a number of Bali destinations whether it’s Seminyak, Legian, Jimbaran, or one of Bali’s other extraordinary beach locations. And of coarse there is always the opportunity to soak up some rays on the beach.

Yos WK Amerta, chairman of the Bali chapter of the Indonesian Marine Tourism Association (Gahawisri) says, “The businesses offer facilities for diving, snorkeling, fishing and various water sports and have seen their market continue to grow.”

Whether you’re a pro at water sports or other marine activities or just want to try something new there are endless opportunities and experiences in Bali. As an added bonus, it’s convenient, affordable, and easy to find a villa in Seminyak, Legian, Jimbaran, or wherever you want to hang out. Your own villa adds an entirely new dimension to your Bali vacation.

Tourists are willing to pay the cost and take the risk associated with some of these water experiences such as diving.

Yos, who owns Yos Diving, says, “Take diving for example. It’s a risky activity and it costs a lot of money. But now more and more people are interested in diving, even after two recent accidents in Bali.”

Bali has seen the fastest growth in specialty tourist attractions than all other Southeast Asia destinations. There are more than 180 marine-tourism operators on the island, and that’s not including those who are not licensed.

Dream Land, Kuta, Medewi, and Padang-Padang are popular surfing spots, while Nusa Penida, Lembongan, Menjangan, and Tulamben are some of the most popular underwater destinations. Metsari and Tanjung Benoa have become popular windsurfing destinations, and Telaga Waja and Tukad Ayung are sought after by those looking for a rafting experience. Bali has all kinds of wonderful marine opportunities for tourists to explore and enjoy.